Sunday, 19th April 2015
\"eCommerce Associates is a global online marketing firm that specialises in lead generation. Our team is driven to be the best and deliver the best – innovation and intelligence are what we do.\"
It has been more than 5 years since I formed eCommerce Associates and in that time I have watched our company grow, our market evolve, and our world change.

In our beginning, online marketing centred on purchased search returns, often with the best returns being rewarded to the deepest pocket. This is a game that we played with great success, but always with an understanding that we needed to offer more.

Now, as times moves on, PPC is no longer the only method of delivery. With technology driving us forward, it is innovation and intelligence that deliver online marketing success.

Due to our position in the market, eCommerce Associates has partnered and recruited extremely talented professionals, who are at the top of their field. As a result, our team has always been driven to be the best and deliver the best – innovation and intelligence are what we do best.

Over the last five years, as a business and a tightly-knit team, we have seen a great deal of change in the economy and the marketplace. Now, even as we watch our peers, colleagues, and competitors struggling in the current economic climate, eCommerce Associates is growing and expanding.

We count our success as both a well-deserved reward and a great achievement.It is for-like minded companies, those who view these times as an opportunity for expansion, that eCommerce Associates is here.

We would like to share our expertise with you - building your success, as we continue to build our own.
Paul Horwitz
CEO eCommerce Associates


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