Tuesday, 28th April 2015
“eCommerce Associates integrates SMS marketing with online and offline campaigns to enhance performance and generate exceptional results.”

SMS Marketing Solutions
SMS marketing employs short messaging services to connect companies with their consumers in dynamic and innovative 

eCommerce Associates offers SMS Marketing solutions in conjunction with a variety of bespoke marketing services.

As a low investment, high impact marketing strategy, SMS Marketing uses the power of mobiles to connect businesses and clients in a personal, communicative manner.

SMS Marketing in Brief

SMS Marketing uses the power and prevalence of mobiles to connect businesses to their customer base. An acronym for Short Message Service, SMS is innovative and effective because it allows customers to engage with advertising in a proactive manner.

At its simplest, SMS marketing is a CodeWord and a ShortCode displayed in an advert. Interested consumers enter the codeword and send it as a text message to the ShortCode. This initiates a chain of automated events including the capture of the consumer’ data and reception of a reply message with the requested information.

At eCommerce Associates, we recommend SMS marketing for high level communications as well, including:

  • Financial notices and account updates
  • Renewal notifications for insurance and other memberships
  • Exclusive offers and late breaking deals

By placing the power in the hands of the consumer, SMS Marketing ensures meaningful and personal interaction – thus securing a high rate of sales conversions. 

SMS Marketing from eCommerce Associates 

eCommerce Associates offers customised SMS Marketing solutions for a low initial investment. Working in close conference with you and your team, eCommerce Associates’ technical and marketing experts will create a comprehensive SMS strategy.

Based on your specific needs, a powerful and intuitive system will be built to manage CodeWords and ShortCodes, gather and quantify data, and track the success of the campaign’s performance in real time.

The Role of SMS in Your Campaigns

SMS marketing solutions are one of many bespoke services offered by eCommerce Associates. When integrated into a marketing solution, SMS marketing plays a valuable role by initiating meaningful, consumer-driven communication.

By encouraging further communication between the consumer and the company, SMS relieves information-pressure on advertisements and the target market’s memory. Print, radio, internet, and television adverts can forgo cumbersome information and simply relay easy to remember CodeWords and ShortCodes.

Consumers are then able to take a proactive role in the marketing experience, engaging with the company through SMS to receive phone numbers, sale dates, other information, or a personal call back from a service representative. The SMS communications can also be forwarded among mobile users, offering a tangible component to the already powerful “word-of-mouth” marketing.

With powerful information systems, consumer information is captured and catalogued, providing you with a comprehensive database of consumers that are interested in your products or services. This data can be used for future messages, while respecting a consumer’s right to request a cessation of communication.

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