Tuesday, 21st April 2015
"With strong brand identification and consumer directed navigation, eCommerce Associates created an online marketing solution for More Th>n that built on customer trust."
Case Study – Building on Trust for More Th>n

Partner Profile
Owned by RSA Insurance Group plc, More Th>n Direct provides car, home, pet and travel insurance throughout the UK, while More Th>n business sells van, business car, shops, offices, and business insurance.

RSA Insurance Group is the result of a 1996 merger between Sun Alliance and Royal Insurance. This company is the second largest general insurer in the UK, serving more than 20 million policyholders.

More Th>n operates with two product lines. More Th>n direct serves individuals looking for insurance products in the following areas:
  • Car: Offering vehicle insurance for comprehensive cover, third party cover, temporary cover, van insurance, breakdown insurance, women drivers’ insurance, and third party, fire & theft cover.
  • Home: Offering buildings cover, contents cover, and additional cover products to suit a wide range of homeowners and their unique interests.
  • Pet: A comprehensive pet insurance product that offers a higher level of coverage than many other similarly priced products.
  • Travel: A three-tier insurance structure offering Economy, Standard, or Premier Cover on an Annual or Single Trip basis.

More Th>n Business offers:
  • Vehicle Insurance: Cover for vans and cars used in the operation of a business.
  • Business Insurance: Tailor-designed products to meet the needs of landlords, shops, clubs, offices, hotels, and small businesses.
  • Public Liability: Cover and Professional Indemnity Insurance.

Customer Profile
More Th>n attracts a variety of consumers including homeowners, vehicle owners, pet owners, new parents, and businesses. Comparative shopping for insurance rates is a common online activity, with the consumer online abilities ranging widely.

Building secure customer relationships and fostering trust is a principle goal of any successful marketing campaign. However, within the financial industry this is especially true as consumers tend to be more conservative with insurance and other monetary-based products.

A strategy for expanding More Th>n’s reach and broadening their message had to respect these market-specific needs.
Strong Brand Identification
When eCommerce Associates began working with More Th>n the company had already built strong brand recognition among insurance consumers. In order to continue to develop the brand’s strength, the website design pays homage to the official website’s colours, fonts, and layouts.

The result is a website that conveys a close association without operating as an exact replication, thus expanding the brand’s reach while still respecting the parent site’s autonomy.

Print-friendly Design
In many instances the person conducting the online research for insurance products is not the sole decision maker. To facilitate easy research this website was designed with particular attention to printer-friendly data. This feature allows spouses, children, and assistants to gather information about More Th>n products to be presented to others.

Consumer Directed Navigation
To ensure consumers remain comfortable and confident throughout their online experience, the website features easy navigation designed to match specific customer needs.

By dividing insurance products into easy to locate groups, we have created a website that minimizes frustration and is simple to use for all skill levels.