Sunday, 19th April 2015
"With edgy design and intelligent organisation, eCommerce Associates created a Boutique Experience online for LOVEFiLM clients."
Case Study – Boutique Experience Online for LOVEFiLM

Partner Profile
A European-based home entertainment company, LOVEFiLM is Europe’s leading online DVD rental subscription provider. Each month, this company serves more than 600,000 active subscriber households.

LOVEFiLM is the lowest cost DVD rental platform in Europe, providing entertainment in the UK, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Germany. Since its launch, this company has made 10 mergers and acquisitions across Europe. Through this pro-active entrepreneurial spirit, LOVEFiLM has positioned itself as the fastest growing brand.

Key features of LOVEFiLM’s service include:
  • Value for money
  • Quality of selection and products
  • Speed of delivery
  • Innovation in service and marketing
  • Attention to customer service

LOVEFiLM also publishes a weekly newsletter, which is distributed to over 700,000 members. This company has been the recipient of numerous awards including:
  • British Video Association’s award for the UK’s Best Rental Service 2005
  • Sunday Times Tech Track 100 2007, Best Management Team Award
  • Finalist in the National Customer Service Awards 2008
  • Home Entertainment Week award for Rentailer of the Year 2007 and 2008
  • UK Technology – Innovation & Growth award for Mediatech Impact of the Year 2008

Customer Profile
DVD delivery services are growing with popularity among most demographics; however some find the service particularly useful. Young, single professionals or couples are likely to use DVD delivery services like LOVEFiLM for the convenient service, which suits their busy lifestyle. Families will use LOVEFiLM and related services for the selection and because online selection is easier than in-person, particularly with small children. LOVEFiLM and other DVD rental delivery services are also popular with those persons who are unable to leave their homes for health reasons.

Selecting a rental DVD in person provides customers with an opportunity to view the covers, read the descriptions, and ask staff for suggestions. The tangible experience can assist the consumer in selecting the right film and enhance the experience.

Although online DVD rental with delivery provides many benefits, the consumer experience can be enhanced by replicating the benefits of in-person selection. Meeting the needs of LOVEFiLM’s customer base to the fullest required a website that is easy to navigate, convenient to use, and also replicated the boutique experience.
Edgy Design
While still maintaining a close cohesion with LOVEFiLM’s branding, we designed a website that evokes newness, cutting edge, and dark imagery, similar to the aesthetic properties of an independently produced film. Just as retail location’s interior design enhances the in-person experience, the website’s design works to create a complete DVD selection experience for the consumer.

Intelligent Organisation
The films on this website are organised through several algorithms to allow easy browsing. By allowing consumers to view by release date, popularity, and genre this site provides an experience that is actually enhanced above the simple organisation of in-person selection.

Article-Based Recommendations and Reviews
Although the consumer may not be able to speak with a staff member for recommendations, the LOVEFiLM website we have designed offers a long list of articles to help customers find that diamond in the rough.

The website also features an extensive list of recommendations, made by customers themselves, to provide extra advice.