Tuesday, 28th April 2015
"eCommerce Associates is an innovative leader in the field of online marketing. Our success and the success of our clients rely on an intelligent approach to digital commerce – one that comprises carefully designed policies and a commitment to core values."
For some of our clients, digital commerce is an integral business component that comprises a large portion of their revenue. For others, digital commerce is a relatively new and emerging business strategy, still in the exploratory phase.

eCommerce Associates works with both ends of the digital commerce spectrum, designing online marketing solutions that generate measurable returns and enhance current campaigns.

Our success and the success of our clients rely on an intelligent approach to digital commerce, comprised of careful policies and a commitment to our core values.
Quantifying Success
Technology and digital commerce provide an opportunity for online marketing solutions to generate quantifiable results. At eCommerce Associates we carefully monitor and document the success of our campaigns, ensuring that the profitable return that is generated is understood.

By tracking and quantifying the direct results of our campaigns, eCommerce Associates creates opportunities to build on that success. Measurable returns are a great benefit of our online marketing solution.
Although eCommerce Associates does not engage in direct sales activities there are occasional junctures at which we are provided with private information about consumers. This information, as well as any information about our own clients, is handled in the strictest accordance with our privacy policy and all governing laws.

At no time is any information regarding our clients or consumer shared with parties beyond eCommerce Associates. In addition, members of the eCommerce Associates team are only granted access to documents, correspondence, and contact information under the strictest circumstances and with transparent disclosure to the rightful owner of such information.

It is a core value of eCommerce Associates that private information, including communications and contact resources, should be handled with the highest level of respect and security.
Through our partnerships, eCommerce Associates is granted access to company information and consumer data. We respect the importance and value of this information and protect our computers, correspondences, and websites with the highest standards for security.