Saturday, 25th April 2015
"eCommerce Associates is committed to due diligence. It is an integral component of every aspect of our company’s structure and a central value that is internal to every team member’s work ethic"
A commitment to due diligence cannot simply be a policy on paper. To ensure that a company consistently operates with due diligence, it must be an integral component of every aspect of a company’s structure and a central value that is internal to every team member’s work ethic.
Consumer Respect
At the heart of due diligence is a respect for our clients and consumers. eCommerce Associates generates online marketing campaigns that benefit consumers by providing valuable information and resources.

Our team feels strongly that consumers deserve the highest respect and that they have an inalienable right to
  • Factual Information. eCommerce Associates creates marketing campaigns that enhance the consumer experience by offering information and resources that will educate consumers and allow them to maximize your services. In generating this information we evaluate sources, triple-check facts, and prioritize quality information.
  • Privacy. Any time that consumer information is shared with eCommerce Associates is an opportunity for us to demonstrate our commitment to privacy and respect. Team information about consumers is limited to generalities and any specifics are carefully protected and never shared within the team or beyond.
  • Quality. Consumers are sophisticated and intelligent individuals, deserving of respect and quality resources. eCommerce Associates generates campaigns that enhance the information already offered to your consumers, creating resources that are new, exciting, and valued.
Quality Team
A company cannot provide the best quality service without the best quality team. Each team member at eCommerce Associates is hand picked and individually assigned to projects based on their experience, expertise, and enthusiasm.

In order to create the level of success that eCommerce Associates generates for our clients, our team members must be able to understand individual industries and professional environments We take pride in our ability to integrate within individual companies and work with their teams and existing campaigns. Members of eCommerce Associates are selected not only for their expertise and talent, but also for their professional skills and ability to collaborate within a team environment.

Our professional values of integrity, trust, loyalty, and respect are reflected in every member of eCommerce Associates.

Good people generate great results.
As companies grow larger it can be difficult to sustain a successful chain of information and decision-making. Poor outcomes are often the result not of neglect, but of a failed corporate structure and a breakdown in communication. .

eCommerce Associates maintains a balance between resources and company size. We are large enough to offer the best solutions and small enough to ensure that there is one chain of information. Every team member communicates with every team member, ensuring that there is never a question of who was responsible. We are all responsible for meeting your needs and as a result, your needs are always met.