Sunday, 26th April 2015
"eCommerce Associates designs innovative and customised online marketing campaigns. We believe that successful marketing solutions educate consumers, generate measurable profits, and build integrity, trust, and value."
Our campaigns generate measurable success for clients, and we ascribe this success to a clear, simple, and intelligent marketing philosophy.
Online Marketing Enhances Current Campaigns
Our services do not simply provide more of the same, instead, we generate online marketing campaigns that work with your current message. We strengthen, compliment, and enhance your marketing campaigns.

At times, we take responsibility for the majority of a client’s marketing strategy. At other times, we create enhancement campaigns that operate as satellites from current strategies. Regardless of whether we are the primary creators or smaller collaborators, eCommerce Associates generates cohesive campaigns that strengthen and reinforce your current strategy.

A successful online marketing campaign broadens the scope of the message, ensuring that it reaches new customers. Although our campaigns are carefully designed to provide added value to all of your clients, our success is driven by extending your marketing reach and generating new sales from a widened consumer base.

As we widen the reach of the message, it is also often appropriate to narrow the message itself. By specialising the information and generating a niche within the overall message, our campaigns speak to customers in a way that is meaningful to them. This offers additional value to consumers by providing important information and product education.
Our campaigns speak directly to your clients, providing additional information and resources that enhance their consumer experience. Through these services, eCommerce Associates fosters trust and builds loyal relationships between you and your client base.

The informative and interactive websites and marketing campaigns that we create are consumer-driven. Often described as consumer advocates, we connect consumers to useful products and services, as well as help them to understand how to maximize their consumer experience. eCommerce Associates ensures that your clients have the resources they need in order to take advantage of everything that you offer.

By educating consumers, we also create an efficient and profitable sales experience for you, the service and product provider. eCommerce Associates operates in close collaboration with our clients, ensuring that every campaign closely mirrors the company’s values. This streamlines the experience for you and your clients, allowing your experts to work with educated consumers who understand their own needs and are ready to avail themselves of your solutions.
Online Marketing Generates Measurable Profits
A struggle in traditional marketing is compiling tangible information about where money is spent and where it is generating returns. The advantage of eCommerce Associates’ online marketing solutions is that our campaigns provide measurable results.

Online marketing allows you to follow a consumer’s path, ensuring that we are able to quantify the profits generated by our campaigns. This provides a strong advantage to our clients, and a confidence for us. We know that our campaigns generate direct profits – that is the key to success.
Online Marketing Builds Integrity, Trust, and Value
Although increased profit return is one of the most important advantages of marketing, it is not the only one. A successful marketing campaign also generates brand recognition, customer loyalty, and increased market share.

While eCommerce Associates is able to quantify the direct profits that our campaigns generate, the intangible effects on customer relationships are the product of the entire consumer experience. Our campaigns are designed to enhance this experience with integrity, trust, and value.

eCommerce Associates operates in close collaboration with our clients, ensuring that every aspect of our campaigns closely mirrors the company’s values. When we partner with a company we understand that we are being trusted to maintain and protect their reputation.

Successful online marketing requires a commitment to integrity. Respect, trust, and loyalty are valued outcomes of marketing campaigns and our campaigns build these intangible outcomes by educating, respecting, and offering value to your consumers.