Tuesday, 28th April 2015
"eCommerce Associates offers bespoke services that enhance the performance of our client brands. Our online marketing solutions have a track record for successfully reaching new markets, fostering customer loyalty, building brand recognition, and generating measurable profits."
Our successful online marketing campaigns provide measurable enhancements to your performance.

Unlike other marketing solutions, eCommerce Associates is able to track and report the success of our campaigns. We create a direct link between our marketing solutions and quantifiable returns.

By augmenting your current marketing campaigns, the services of eCommerce Associates will:
  • Reach new markets. The reach of a campaign is always limited to some degree by the resources available and the mode of delivery. eCommerce Associates is a valued resource for expanding your reach – speaking to new consumers, broadening your message, and generating a presence in new markets.

    eCommerce Associates would not provide successful online marketing if we simply spoke to the same consumers that you currently reach – we expand your market presence to enhance your performance.
  • Foster customer loyalty. Although reaching new markets is the first function of our campaigns, our value-added approach to online marketing also benefits current customers and provides resources to enhance their consumer experience.
  • Build brand recognition. Our solutions are intelligently designed to mirror your strategies in a manner that compliments, rather than clashes. By operating as a collaborative force, eCommerce Associates’ online marketing campaigns strengthen your message and enhance brand recognition.
You do not need a marketing solution that mimics your current campaign and provides more of the same. eCommerce Associates offers successful online marketing solutions that generate measurable returns and performance enhancement.